In case you weren't already thirsting enough, visvim just hit us off with a preview of the upcoming fall 2014 collection, and it might take your parched levels to Gobi Desert status. Inspired by the concept of "patina," designer Hiroki Nakamura incorporated an element of time into each garment. Each piece was created with the notion in mind of how it would age as every individual molded it to his or her life. 

But why try to explain when the gawd himself can: "What is common among these different things is the process of aging, use, and exposure that result in the change of these surfaces; creating a heightened aesthetic beauty possessing depth and established character. This process has inspired us to design our product this season so it can be viewed in the same way,” explained Nakamura as only he can.

Stay tuned for more imagery and info on a collection that includes footwear, outerwear, denim, casual gear, and the type of stuff that immediately signals that it's vis.