The fashion cycle can be very vicious, especially for young designers who are making clothing that's truly unique (if some one sends another pair of plain old chino pants down the runway I am going to scream). But enter Telfar Clemens, who's making sure that never happens.

The New-York born, Liberian-raised designer once again presented his fall/winter 2014 collection at The New Museum this past Monday to a crowd that included not only editors but also about 90 percent of NYC's nightlife notables (he somehow managed to get them to forgo their nocturnal ways and show up to his mid day showing).

This collection was a reinterpretation of a few of the themes Telfar has touched upon in the past, but re-imagined for the future. He remains true to the codes of his house (everything is designed to be unisex, one-size-fits-all, and almost all items are reversible), and sticks to a neutral and natural color palette that you can wear to a trip to Patagonia, Paris or the planet Pluto. 

He also introduced a concept this season that was absolutely genius: Models greeted guests as they exited the show to give them an even closer look at the collection. Telfar also transformed the first floor of The New Museum into a pop-up shop, where you could buy T-shirts, bags, and toy versions of the real models in their runway looks, giving attendees a full on multimedia shopping experience. As the fashion calendar weakens in New York City, it's great to be treated to something that is worthy of attention and conversation.