On February 1, Phlegm opened "The Bestiary," an installation in London's Howard-Griffin Gallery of his fantasty creature murals. The installation took the artist six weeks to complete and it will show until March 4, after which all of the panels will be destroyed. "It's ephemeral...it’s not for sale in line with Phlegm’s philosophy as an artist to just make art for the sake of art, he’s not motivated by the money side, he’s motivated to produce it," said Richard Howard-Griffin. "Even if someone offers lots of money he won’t take it.”

Phlegm's approach is not one you will see everyday. Most artists would be happy to make a few bucks from their work, but we definitely applaud his morals and dedication to the art. For more information on the installation, visit the Howard-Griffin Gallery website.

[via HackneyGazette]