Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder, two performance artists living in Bushwick, will begin a strange and interesting project on February 28 that will run through March 9. At Pierogi Gallery, both men will enter "In Orbit," a 25-foot hamster wheel made of wood and steel, and they will live there for the full ten days. The wheel is outfitted with furniture on the inside and the outside surface, so each artist will have places to sit, sleep, and eat, but they must work together and move in tandem to reach different parts of their shared world. 

This is not the first time that the artists have attempted such a difficult performance together, and while learning to connect with one another gets easier over time, we would imagine that a performance like this would still be physically demanding. The wheel will remain on display as an installation until April 5 at the gallery space. For more information, visit the Pierogi website.

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[via BrooklynPaper]