Young Thug, whose creativity and uniqueness belies his generic nomenclature, is both the current young gun in rap, and someone with whom you should get intimately familiar with musically and sartorially.

Nicki Minaj remixing his heat rock "Danny Glover," and being flown out to hang with Cash Money is proof of his talent/potential. His music distinguishes itself by incorporating wild and varying cadences, rests, quirky ad libs and seemingly inimitable melodies. Similarly, Thugger Thugger uses some of those same principles when crafting a killer alphet. Above all else, be unique. Fuck a h8ing ass h8r, bruh. If you think your alphet looks hot, then your alphet is hot. Point blank. Straight up.

"I don’t need a stylist…Young thugs do not need stylists," Young Thug proclaimed in the behind the scenes video for his FADER cover shoot. Truer words have never been spoken. True fashion comes from the heart (and, I guess, maybe synthetic fibers). To inspire all the Four Pins young thugs out there, we've compiled a gallery of Young Thug's most stylish moments.

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