For $31 you can have someone (or something) to kiss on Valentine's Day. Emily King's Make-Out Practice Pillow is the interior design alternative to a girlfriend. Sure, it's a little creepy and basically a PG version of a sex doll, but who wants to be alone on Feb. 14?

King, a Florida-based designer who moulded her pillows on the inviting mouths of CPR dolls, was inspired by pre-pubescent fantasies. "When I was in middle school, everyone 'joked' about making out with pillows for practice. I'm assuming that I was not the only one for whom the jokes had some truth," she told Orange.

If you're skeeved out by the gaping mouths on these felt creations, maybe you're just too old to get the joke. "The reaction from anyone over the age of 25 tended to be variations on 'that's really creepy,' and anyone under the age of 25 thought it was hilarious and awesome. Middle-school to college-age seemed to be the sweet spot of people who really liked the idea," said King.

King even gives you the instructions to create your own version here

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[via Daily Mail]