Houston-born, Brooklyn-based graffiti writer VIZIE will open his first solo art show on March 5 entitled "Greater Than the Sum." Presented by & Associates, the exhibition is described as a "culmination of 18 years of VIZIE’s efforts to join his graffiti career with a fine art practice." Over a dozen works will be on display at 9 Clinton Street, kicking off a series of two-week long shows in the gallery space. 

“Graffiti is vast in what it offers. It isn’t just one dimensional. That is what I want people to see even if they don’t know a lot about graffiti, or even if they think they do. It’s a form that has offered me so much in educating who I am, the way I look at the world," VIZIE said in a statement. Drawing inspiration from that world, and more recently, the "textures and layers" of New York City, the artist aims to share what he has learned through the art in this exhibition and the use of an attention grabbing fluorescent color palette.

For more information, check out the & Associates website.

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