At this point, calling George W. Bush's art a "hobby" would be inaccurate. From private lessons, to animal and still-life pieces, to portraits of Jay Leno, Bush has been quickly moving up the art ladder and has already reached the point of his first real exhibition. According to New York Daily News, the former President will display about two dozen of his paintings at the Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas.

The exhibition will be (awfully) titled "The Art of Leadership: A President's Personal Diplomacy" and will feature the portraits of the foreign presidents and prime ministers that Bush worked with while in office, a series that he announced back in November. Not many people can say that they went from being a student to exhibiting in a presidential library in a year, but then again not many people can say that they have a library with their name on it either. We're eager to see the portraits, but given his skill level, we're not sure they deserve this level of attention. Maybe GW will prove us wrong this April.

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