Valentine's Day is the time of year when nearly everyone either gets real lovey-dovey or tries to kick up the freakness levels to 11. Well, besides the usual advice we give about classing it up for that impossible dinner reservation you were able to snag, or keeping it cozy while you cruise Tinder alone at home, we decided to dive face-first into some wearable gear that's should supposedly get a couple's inner freak-a-leak going.

Ten members of the Complex staff gathered to try a bunch of edible underwear. The short version of our conclusion is: Don't buy edible underwear. Not only does the stuff generally taste terrible, but there's also no way that wearing a boxy, plastic-y thing that resembles a diaper is ever going to get things going in the bedroom. But it was worth a shot. If you've ever been curious or are maybe looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for someone you love and/or hate, then check out Love Bites: Complex Staff Members Taste Test Edible Underwear.

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