People say dogs look like their owners, and vice versa. It's often true - canines are highly in tune with their masters, as far as looks and interactions go. A study released this week even proved that dogs understand and process vocal cues the same way humans do. 

So we get it - you and your dog are close. Since you shouldn't skimp on any living thing you love as much as your pet, consider WolfgangUSA's newest line of leather leashes and collars. Handcrafted in the United States, these Horween and Latigo-made accessories come in a range of hues, colors, and prints, if you feel like clamping a camo collar on. But the company hasn't forgotten about you - Wolfgang also offers graphic t-shirts, caps, hoodies, wallets and belts that pair up nicely with the guy at the end of your tether.

Flip through the lookbook above, then shop the online store for more.

[via WolfgangUSA]