The Internet's favorite Shiba Inu pup has crept his way into today's issue of The Guardian, thanks to business data company DueDil. After winning The Guardian's Small Business Network competition, a quarter-page ad space worth 50,000 pounds was set aside for DueDil to use as it pleased. So the company did only the most sensible thing and plopped our furry friend Doge on the generous space alloted to them.

We imagine many readers were probably quite confused upon seeing Doge on page 27 of The Guardian, considering there was no apparent advertiser or company name in sight. Such "mistery," indeed. It wasn't until noon today that DueDil spoke on why they chose to print an Internet meme in the newspaper. Here's an excerpt from their Tumblr below:

"So a few of you might be wondering how doge made it into your newspaper this morning. Well… we admit it, it was us. But why, you may ask. Did we want to kill the meme by making it mainstream? Do we hate the internet? No. We actually thought we’d do something nice.
We’ll be honest. We were having a hard time deciding which advert to run with our free advertising space the Guardian so kindly offered us for winning their Small Business Networks competition. We tried a traditional advert, which was nice, but then we remembered we’re not a traditional kind of company … And of course we just wanted to print doge in the guardian, y’know, for the lulz."

Sure, we never thought we'd live to see the day Doge showed up in a national newspaper, but the whole idea is pretty hilarious if you think about. Thanks for the lulz, DueDil.

[via Uproxx]

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