British music journalist Reshma B circles the globe covering reggae, dancehall, and related sounds for ClashMusic, Boomshots, and BBC radio. Inspired by the creative patois slang she heard in the interviews she conducted with Jamaica's biggest stars, she began playing with some of her favorite phrases and turning them into designs. Now she's expanding her RGAT brand (Reggae Girl About Town) with a line of gold and silver chains seasoned with dancehall slang. The RGAT chains have already been spotted around the necks of Jamaican stars like Spice, Tifa, Queen Ifrica, and Samantha J—even Jhené Aiko and Lauryn Hill turn up on RGAT's Tumblr.

Retailing between $45 and $65, they're now available online at Reggae King and the RGATShop. If you'd prefer to check them out in person, head down to Houston St where you will find NYC's yardstyle hot-spot Miss Lilys. (The King & Queen pair would make a wicked last-minute V-Day gift.) If you're really trying to stunt, RGAT can even hook you up with a limited-edition solid-gold chain for $8,000 or so. #King.

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