New York's own Nepenthes just got a grip of Engineered Garments S/S 14  in the shop. Consisting mainly of outerwear, the drop, like I’ve said about every single EG drop since the beginning of time, is fucking amazing. The new floral print beach parka is going to be mine shortly because I’m going to Nepenthes right after I write this post. And while I never thought I’d like a duster (to me they vibe a little too societal outcast), I most definitely would fuck with the khaki pima poplin number. Pair that with some destroyed jeans or sweatpants and a crewneck? WOOOO! THAT’S SOME RELAXED DAD CHECKING OUT HIS MIDDLE SON’S SOCCER GAME ON A CALM, BALMY SUNDAY AFTERNOON AFTER HE SURREPTITIOUSLY HIT THE G PEN IN THE PARKING LOT.