If your logo sucks, you suck. Period. A logo should be a dope representation of everything a brand has to offer, and musicians definitely qualify as brands. Their logos are what people buy on merch, see on billboards, and get tatted on their faces because they love the artist so much. Kanye West recently got with Peter Saville to make his new logo, but he is a little late to the party.

There are lots of iconic and soon-to-be iconic logos in rap, but a lot of people don't consider them to be works of art. Wu-Tang, Run DMC, So So Def, Eminem, EPMD, Odd Future, and Def Jam all have logos that you can probably draw from memory, even if you're not familiar with the music they make. We often forget that someone had to sit down and create them, and that the logos we are familiar with are often the result of lots of reworking and failed designs. Like any work of art, the viewer (or listener) brings his/her own emotions and ideas to the table, turning the logo into something personal and unique. We included a few of our favorites from the Art of Rap Logo blog, a very useful resource with a simple layout that makes the enlarged black logos pop against a white background. Feel free to share your favorites below.

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[via ArtoftheRapLogo]