If you thought Nasir Mazhar was only capable of churning out dope sweatsuits, you underestimated the uber talented designer whose vision has grabbed ahold of everyone involved in London's streetwear scene. His creations extend way beyond luxury casual wear, and this season he showcased a line-up that executed what everyone knows the London native is capable of.

Nasir's collection utilized the always reliable category of denim, but without falling to any expectations or blandness. Adorned with slashes, paneling, and colorful detailing, these pants might just be the thing that take Nasir from niche favorite to retail-baller. And, of course, the asymmetrical graphics on his button-downs and jackets are exactly what the cool kids in the East End have been searching for. But with metallic sportswear that literally had the crowd oohing and aahing, this might be the collection that allows Nasir to break out from the cult label that he's been assigned; it's definitely made people reconsider the constraints placed around the notion of what streetwear is capable of.

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