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For three days only, January 16 – 19, the first queer and LGBT-centric photo show at the Photo L.A. fair goes on display. “Art With a Manifest: Round Hole, Square Peg,” presented by World of Wonder (the same production company behind RuPaul’s Drag Race), features a juried selection of photos by 30 artists from eight countries. A second component of the exhibition will be an invitational selection of LGBT photography organized by Phil Tarley, the curator of Artist’s Corner Photography Gallery.

WOW organized the show in order to dialog with the current exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, a show focused on the male erotica of Bob Mizer-Tom. As Tarley explained in an op-ed for Fabrik Magazine, the “Round Hole, Square Peg,” show is meant to tackle the paradigm of 21st LGBT visibility—versus the male-centric presentation of the Mizer-Tom show—“Art With a Manifest” tackles the demanded visibility of female and transgender LGBT identifiers.

Artists such as Austin Young (Above), Arthur Tress, Anthony Friedkin, Rick Castro, Tom of Finland, Greg Gorman, and Alan Cumming all will show.

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[via Frontiers L.A.]