For those of you who like to travel by bike, or simply love clothes with cool functionalities, the Levi’s Commuter Series is back. Now in its fifth season, the clothes have been designed  to deal with the weather, stains, and the deluge of sweat that comes when you’re peddling around on two wheels.

But that's not all. Along with functionalities like a U-Lock storage system, the reflective lined inseam guarantees a safer ride at night and gives you have a reason to roll up your jeans for things other than style. If your worried about your butt crack showing or serious crotch blowouts, raised back yolks and reinforced crotch areas will prevent those unfortunate events from ever happening. Levi's seriously thought of everything in this collection.

A parka, packable vest, 508 trousers, and 508 denim can all be found in the collection. Each piece is modified to help you have a safe commute, whether that's to work or while out for a casual ride.

The collection drops on the Levi’s website on Feb. 1.