From one pop star to another, Lady Gaga has big plans for her hoard of Michael Jackson memorabilia. The ARTPOP diva has been buying up Jackson's stuff over the past few years, and she hopes to display her collection, worth over $2 million, in a museum dedicated to the late singer. 

When it comes to MJ souvenirs, Gaga's got the good stuff. Purchasing items under a false name so not to be overcharged, Gaga has acquired the famous jacket from "Thriller" as well as the King of Pop's iconic crystal-studded white glove. 

"I will put together a museum and put the money to a foundation he cares about," Gaga said of her plan. "The reason I bought Michael’s clothes was because my tour clothes mean more to me than anything, my awards, records. I believe they carry the energy and memories of the night. With Michael’s clothes being sold when he was not here made me feel really uncomfortable, upset, and I don’t why. I take care of them—they are in the right temperature and are preserved. I have spent millions.”

Lady Gaga is looking for support from Jackson's children to create the museum.

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[via Mirror]