Celebrities can often be difficult people to work with, but people in their respective industries usually find ways to make interacting with them bearable. Rarely do you hear of a fashion photographer refusing to work with someone, but that's exactly what Juergen Teller did when asked by Marc Jacobs to shoot Miley Cyrus...but he wouldn't say why.

Given her recent history of controversial headlines, there are probably multiple reasons why a serious photographer wouldn't take her seriously. Maybe he caught his daughter (or son) twerking to "Wrecking Ball" and it scarred him for life. Or maybe he has Touloungeaphobia (the fear of tongues). Whatever the reason, Teller said no and David Sims headed the project. There's no telling if Teller will ever share the issue he has with Miley, but we really hope it's the whole son twerking thing.

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[via PetaPixel]