Miley Cyrus linked up with one of her favorite designers, and the man who inspired her "sexy" style since she was 16, once again. We're referring to Marc Jacobs, of course. The Bangerz pop star is now the new face of the brand's Spring 2014 campaign, and looks like she may have had a bit too much fun the night before. And unlike her previous Marc Jacobs cameo, she has clothes on this this time, which is kind of jarring.

If this ad looks like it just came out of nowhere, that's probably because there was no word of the collaboration. No leaked images. No previews. Nothing. Jacobs and Cyrus managed to slip them into several February magazine issues.

Still, a Cyrus and Jacobs partnership isn't the most random thing to happen. In fact, several events have led up to this point. Last year, Jacobs plastered Miley in her "Wrecking Ball" wardrobe onto a T-shirt to benefit his "Protect the Skin You're In" campaign. She also sported a sparkling, emerald green dress to The Fashion Group International’s 30th Annual Night Of Stars Gala in October, where she presented her date, Jacobs, with the Superstar Award. This week, she took to Twitter to show off (or make a statement) in a pro same-sex marriage Marc by Marc Jacobs T-shirt.

Check out the images above. 

[via MTV Style]