New York Magazine art critic and biggest fan of the "Bound 2" music video Jerry Saltz will have a cameo on HBO's Girls this season. The loveable critic posted an image of himself on the red carpet for the season premier last night.

Benjamin Sutton of Artinfo points out that Saltz is Lena Dunham's godfather, a connection that makes sense because Saltz is good friends with Lena's father, painter Carroll Dunham. In fact, the two are such buds, that in a 2007 essay on Carroll Dunham's work for the Village Voice, Saltz began, "By now I no longer know if I like Carroll Dunham's paintings because we're friends or if we're friends because I like his paintings."

Lena Dunham clarified how long Saltz will appear on her show.

Last season, Lena Dunham's mother, Laurie Simmons, played an ice cold gallery owner on Girls. Possibly Saltz will play a similar role—a stereotype of the high and mighty who occupy the New York art scene. Or, who knows, maybe he will be the championing voice behind Booth Jonathan's TV prison.

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