Year: 1993
Art direction: Jean Kelly for ZombaArt
Photography: Terrance A Reese a.k.a. TAR (heads) / Carol Weinberg (woman on back cover)

"I just liked all the photos of the artists. I think I could name about 75 percent of the people on there, maybe 70 percent. There are some friends of the family type of people on there.

On the back, cover it continues. I think I've seen a poster that has everyone represented. This is an interesting one. The different formats: cassette had more people on the front than the album did. The format changed the image depending on which format you bought. It's just a great concept. You would have to reformat your cover to fit on a cassette, even though a CD wasn't perfectly square. It's a little bit wider than it is long. You'd have to keep the files kind of liquid so you can change it a little bit. It was kind of fun."