You’re likely to recognize the work of claymation artist Allison Schulnik, even if not by name. At the least visible, she’s created evocative stop-motion shorts that are easy fodder for viral-web eye candy. At her most engaged, she’s created music videos for bands like the indie-rock outfit Grizzly Bear—check out a couple below.

Schulnik opens a new solo exhibition tomorrow, January 9 at ZieherSmith gallery in New York City. It’s her second solo exhibition at the gallery and the world premier of her fourth animated film, Eager, her longest yet at over 8 minutes, since the year 2000. Along with the film, works on paper, sculpture, and paintings are displayed. Despite Schulnik’s profile as a video artist, it's her work as a painter we’re most familiar with, how her paints become near-sculptures in themselves, otherworldly and just gobbed with psychedelia. 

From the press release:

Haunting, hollow specters stretch, transmogrify and multiply as their synchronized shifts hint at ancient, highly charged rituals. Figures splay open and bleed into snapdragons, vagina dentate, bladderworts and Venus flytraps; the flowers grow faces. The cast further includes spectral figures in delicate blue robes, the boneless horse, and skeletal figures that are flayed and worn like hides.

There’s more on the show information here.

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[via ArrestedMotion]