2013 was a banner year in women thanks to the meteoric rise of The White Girl 2.0. (Pauly C already wrote the leading treatise on the subject, so please review if you need to get familiar.) But I'm not here to talk about girls that just discovered Juicy J and weed and rhythm and shit. No, we're talking muses—the kind of special women who inspire you to create art, pen plays and get an overpriced gym membership because they love dudes who are "toned, but don’t take it, like, overboard, you know?" They force you to learn how to look cool while smoking a cigarette and how to perfectly poach an egg. At the end of the day, muses are our lifeblood as men who strive for greatness. So, without further ado because I'm already getting wild corny, here are the women who made 2013 just that much more inspiring. Get ready to surreptitiously follow some amazing women on various social media platforms.