Shoutout to The Wall Street Journal for writing this trend piece, like, 700 days too late. DUDES ARE REALLY INTO BUYING SHOES, ALMOST LIKE GIRLS. Cue the obligatory Sex in the City reference and anecdotes about how fucking stodgy bankers and businessmen generally are. A second shoutout to old heads who always say shit like, "When I went to work for an investment bank in 1986, our boss said he would never hire anyone who would wear brown shoes to an interview." YEAH, HE PROBABLY NEVER HIRED ANYONE WITH BROWN SKIN EITHER, MY DUDE. Quit comparing the fucking 1980s to the current times. Yes, dudes are wearing lots of shoes these days including fancy sneakers and weird hybrids and they know how to polish and maintain them. TOO BAD NOBODY WEARS DOUBLE MONKS ANYMORE, WALL STREET JOURNAL. We wear monotone sneakers that cost twice as much as proper footwear because we are idiots. Your "new world of men's shoes" is already a dead planet. Next month you’ll probably have an article on the growing trend of "sprezzatura" amongst the creative business class of Manhattan or some shit. Oh, my b, you already did that. I’ll save you the research: WE DON’T WEAR SUITS ANYMORE EITHER. Instead, please write about how more and more dudes are dressing like it's magically 1998 again. Also, stop being like, “normally it’s women who are really into fashion…” YOU’VE ALREADY PUBLISHED, LIKE, TWELVE ARTICLES ON THE BURGEONING MEN’S FASHION MARKET. IT’S BEEN LIKE THIS FOR A MINUTE, WALL STREET JOURNAL.