In the retail landscape, there are no other stores that operate quite like VFiles, which is exactly how the shop likes it. With a true DGAF attitude, the people and mindset behind the downtown NYC store don't bow to the pressures of stocking its shelves with brands and product they don't believe in. The result is a space jam-packed with everything from Maison Martin Margiela pieces to one-off T-shirts that a staff member may have found on InstagramThere really is no business model, which allows the passion of VFiles' buyers to come through in the store's curation and presentation.

The store itself is actually an extension of VFiles' true purpose—a digital entertainment platform where fans of the shop can watch original videos, shop, and create their own online content. But with the success of the brick-and-mortar space, VFiles is quickly expanding into a force behind some of NYC's most exciting designers and events. Retail Director Zachary Ching gives Complex a tour of the space and shows off the platform that's acting as a springboard for some of today's most dynamic and under-the-radar brands.

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