Back in April, we brought you news of Urs Fischer’s new project featuring more than a thousand giant blue raindrops, suspended in a gallery and with an urgent blue sheen. Now, we’ve heard word of another Fischer exhibition where he’s expanded his filament-held raindrop repertoire into something a little more psychedelic. The artist who is known as much for deconstructing his own works of art as he is creating them, seems to interpret the term “acid rain” as literally and figuratively as imagined: busts fashioned in a classic style crumble under the weight of 3,000 vibrantly colored plaste raindrops, all held with monofilament. Psychedelia, corrosive pollution, and the notion of LSD’s nickname “acid” come together in this new exhibition titled “Melodrama” on view now at Sadie Coles HQ in London, until January 18. 

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[via Designboom]