Tumblr has unveiled its 2013 year in review, and included Menswear as one of the categories. The microblogging platform has served as a mood board, inspiration source, and documentation of what's currently popping online for a few years now. The resulting #menswear tag (and sub-culture that spawned and lived on Tumblr) has played a huge part in helping guys find their sweet spot in personal style, and occupies a unique role in affecting men's style, some aspects of which are good, some not so good

But no matter what your thoughts on the topic are, or how many hours you spend scrolling through endless photos, scanning the menswear-related posts that got the most notes gives a good cross-section of what's resonating most with Tumblr users. And According to Tumblr's Top Menswear Posts of 2013, Menswear Is Weird, Moody, and No One Knows What's Going On.

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