Here's the sticky issue about liking Kanye: You may have actually faced a lapse in judgement on Thanksgiving and logged onto Pac-FUCKING-Sun and bought some shit. Next time? Be smarter. Buy better.

Remember Wes Lang? The guy noobs just heard about because DONDA is no stranger to product collaboration? Coffee nerds lapped up a set of his mugs produced with Stumptown in 2011. He's also done off and on stuff with Surface To Air. It deserves to be mentioned that Wes is also a relatively successful fine artist. Last summer, he had a show at V1 in Copenhagen. To mark the occasion, Wes made three blankets and a couple shirts with Stockholm-based Indigofera. They're limited, but because it took Yeezus for you to take notice of Wes, the goods are still for sale. Each of the wool blankets is limited to a run of 200 (read: rarer than Pacific Sunwear's rarest) and has that same questionable Skeletor on Halloween graffic that everyone wants. But there is a negative—there is always a negative. The blanket is expensive. But, that is outweighed by a considerable positive: By reconciling teenage urges through adult home-improvement purchases is part of being in total control and not falling into the traps of new slavery.