Santa the Hutt is the most terrifying Santa you've ever seen. Created by sculptor Cianna Valley, and inspired by the vile Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt, this disgusting St. Nick is here to scare your children and kill your holiday cheer

Or, he's a hilarious satire on American consumption and crazed materialism during the holidays. Just look at the picture below. If that doesn't capture the holiday spirit, we don't know what does:

Squeezing into the window display of the San Francisco clothing store Betabrand, Santa the Hutt "now requires 24 reindeer to pull his sleigh, sweats eggnog, crushed three elves to death yesterday," and, "doesn't care if you're naughty or nice; just wants to know if you'll run across the street and get him cigarettes and a sack of chimichangas," Betabrand told HuffPost.

Except not everyone loves his felted belly rolls. Marilyn Wann at SF Weekly isn't a fan. "Yes, Virginia, there is a fat Santa joke on Valencia Street. And it doesn't bring good cheer," she writes. We know who the real Grinch is in this Christmas tale. 

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