Rick Owens is expanding to places where street goth may not have been a thing before. Today saw the launch of its webshop, a first for the Parisian brand. "A website is for places where we don't have good representation," Owens told WWD. So for those living near cornfields and grazing cattle, this is your chance to weird out your town, and maybe inspire them to try something different and cop from the men's runway and DRKSHDW collections. 

But it isn't just the Internets who now have a chance to hop on the all-black movement. The dark lord of fashion is opening up a 2,150-square-foot flagship store in Miami, too, and is bringing some shadowy looks to a town famously known for pastel colored suits. Much like his home, the store looks like an industrial temple that's perfect for his loyal acolytes. It comes complete with a lifestyle wax sculpture of the designer hanging from the ceiling. Be careful you're not in the splash zone, though. Owens designed the sculpture “so it’s pissing. It’s funnier that way.”

Visit the store at the address below or peep the Rick Owens website.

Rick Owens
3841 North Second Avenue
Miami, FL

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[via WWD]