If you’ve been to a party in the past decade, you’ve had a drink from a red solo cup. The solo cup has become so ubiquitous at social events that an Instagram photo of one is enough to let the world know you’re about to get drunk.

Writer and filmmaker John Pavlus was intrigued by the icon and sought to uncover the mysteries surrounding its conception. In his short documentary I, Party Cup, Pavlus journeys to find the cup’s inventors and learn about their creative process. The product designers were inspired by things such as motorcycle handles, which lead to the textured, pebbled grooves on the outside of the cup and help drinkers keep a grip on their beverages even when the liquid starts to condense.

Pavlus discovered during his filmmaking process that everyone who plays a role in producing staples of American life feels pride in the role they play in contributing to our culture. Watch the full video, which was created from Kickstarter funding, above. 

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[via CoDesign]