Do you guys have a legit jersey collection? Or do you just pretend to like basketball via your expensive sneaker collection? The last jersey I bought was a Rasheed Wallace joint. I feel like if you don’t have at least one Rasheed Wallace jersey you’re kinda slipping. Tangentially, have you guys ever wondered what NBA jerseys would look like if a bunch of clothing brands designed them? Well, that’s exactly what this guy Dead Dilly from Milton, Ontario was wondering too. Except instead of just having a two minute conversation with his buddy while they waited for NBA 2k14 to load, Dilly went ahead and actually created some imagery. I know, shit must be boring AS FUCK in Milton, Ontario. But we thank you, Milton, Ontario and Dead Dilly because without you we wouldn’t have a bunch of imaginary jerseys to show our readership. And our readership wouldn’t have someone else’s hard work to mindlessly critique with flippant comments like, “No En Noir leather shooting sleeves? Looks like these were designed for fuccbois.”