Only a few items from Noble Denim are currently available, with more to come shortly, but its story is still a good one. The above video takes a look at the people and the soul behind the made-in-America label, and profiles the factory that produces every Noble Denim item. The factory, located in a 300 person town in Tennessee, employed hundreds of people at its peak in the '70s, but reduced its staff to four after brands began manufacturing overseas and recessions took their toll.

But when the designers of Noble Denim met the people at the factory, they knew that the expertise and attention to detail wouldn't be replicated if they followed the route of mass-retail and apparel brands. Watch the video above, and just try not to yell "America, fuck yeah!" while doing so. It's tough. And if you don't support Noble Denim and other American-made labels with your wallet, you are Vladimir Putin.

Visit the Noble Denim site to cop the small-batch, hand-made items, and keep an eye out for more products to drop soon.