Size? is a shop out in England that just put out their own F/W lookbook like shops tend to do nowaday. This particular shoot was styled by Glenn Kitson and shot by Ewen Spencer in and around Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I don’t know why, but I really want to go to Manchester. It probably vibes a lot like a kind of depressingly gray cast, blue collar, post-industrial town like Milwaukee. But they say shit like “innit?” in Manchester and there is a Northern Quarter, so it’s obviously way cooler than Milwaukee. Also, you can probably get great tea all over Manchester. The only place to get tea in Milwaukee is that coffee shop run by that crazy ass Wiccan lady that never cleans the simple sugar bottle. STICKY SIMPLE SUGAR BOTTLES ARE THE SIGN OF A PREVIOUS LEVEL SPOT. Anyway, don't you wish you and your rough around the edges, but still really good looking friends had this much fun?