Maison Kitsuné just dropped a short film shot on the streets of Chinatown for its spring/summer 2014 collection titled "New Wave." Lead singer of The Drums Jonny Pierce and artist/musician Heather Boo run through the straight-ahead avenues of lower Manhattan wearing crewnecks that bear the French fashion house's name. They also ponder very real life questions to an 80s movie soundtrack.

"I don't understand why people aren't continuing to follow their dreams, but instead they stomp on other people's dreams," Heather Boo narrates while sipping on a pink drink.

Hmm, not quite sure, Boo, but it might have to do with utter bitterness.

"You're gonna do well, it's okay, everything's okay," she finishes.

Watch the video above, and peep more SS14 from Kitsuné here.

[via Maison Kitsuné]