There's something about stylish French dudes that exudes effortless coolness. While you may be able to obtain this swagger by smoking unfiltered cigarettes, watching four hour long, black-and-white, existential films on the condition of love, and keeping at least three mistresses at all times, another easy way is to drape yourself in Maison Kitsuné from head-to-toe.

For its spring/summer 2014 collection, the label turned to the New Wave movement of the '90s, but every piece still maintains a Parisian flair of je ne sais quoi. The collection offers a full run of wardrobe staples from suiting to shorts. For the warmer months, Maison Kitsuné incorporated bold graphic prints, plaids, stripes, and a few all-black pieces. We're heading into winter, but if you ever lose hope while cooped up and freezing to death, just remember that this gear will be available on the other side of the permafrost that's about to set in.

[via Maison Kitsune]