Los Angeles-based artist Lisa Solberg has opened an exhibition of painted works in an installation, presented by 24HR Psychic. Touching upon issues of self identification, the show features mirrored surfaces that are said to reference "LA’s Finish Fetish movement of the 1960s, Rorschach and studies of schizophrenia." The viewer's experience with the art will be a personal one as the art is meant to "beckon one to look and face oneself."

The artist spoke to Los Angeles I'm Yours about the pieces in the show and her process: "What I wanted to do was create these Rorschach paintings not only to get into my own psyche but to—on a very simple, material level—get really cool textures. Instead of painting a flat painting silver to create a mirror, this gives you the opportunity to see yourself in a distorted, abstract way.” Of the venue for the installation she says, "The intent is to have a super minimal, quiet, clean, temple-like, meditative space, The idea is that you can go in there and see yourself reflected in the work. It will always be transforming."

The show is open now at 826 E. 3rd St in Los Angeles and will remain open until until January 11. For more information, visit 24hrpsychic.com.