Ugh, Jay. At this point it's not even worth saying how swagless you are, man. That shit is simply a given fact of the universe that we all unfortunately have to live in. Not only was the whole premise to your "Tom Ford" song on Magna Carta Holy Fail a terrible, terrible premise, but now you seem to have felt the need to immortalize the lyric by wearing a BBP T-shirt that commemorates it whilst you are on tour, likely performing this terrible, terrible track? You don't take Molly, but you wear Tom Ford, you say? Are these things even slightly related to the point that they could be considered substitute goods? Are you saying you're not a young kid anymore who can run around taking drugs and shit? Yeah, dude, trust us, WE ARE AWARE. So then why are you wearing stupid streetwear T-shirts? Who is Jay's jawns consultant? Seriously, who is responsible for helping aid the crumble and deterioration of one of hip-hop's greatest icons? Just SMH all over the goddamn place.