Christmas was two days ago, which means you've probably been at home for a full week now and you're starting to hate everyone. Before you and your siblings start throwing punches at one another, Instagram wants you to get together for their latest Weekend Hashtag Project.

In a blog post today, Instagram announced the project and asked its users to capture shots of their families ("however you choose to define it") and to post the photos using the hashtag #WHPfamilyportrait. They even provided tips including "look for natural, soft light" and "arrange people at different heights to keep your portrait dynamic." The timing of the project makes sense following the holiday, but it may prove to be more difficult than it sounds. Between now and New Year's Eve you'll probably be doing everything in your power to escape back to your normal life until this time next year, and something as simple as a family portrait may be the last straw.

We will be following the hashtag to get a few chuckles out of the forced smiles and weak embraces. Happy holidays!

[via Instagram]