Plenty out of town transplants who move to NYC would be happy couch surfing and keeping their clothes in garbage bags until they land on their feet. However, for Rihanna, her recent move does not involve such nomadic comforts. It’s actually much, much better.

The singer recently moved into a $39,000-a-month Manhattan penthouse. To make room for her wardrobe, she turned three bedrooms into walk-in closets. Take a second to look at your shitty living situation. Then imagine how huge the the former bedrooms of RiRi were. Now picture how they are now enormous closets full of wild amounts of clothing. Now either start buying Mega Millions tickets or sign up for voice lessons.

“The star has so many clothes, she has been converting bedrooms at her Lafayette Street loft into wardrobes,” a source told Page Six. How many clothes does she have anyway? If you add up all her countless shopping sprees, endless amounts of free swag, gifts from designers, and her whole River Island collection, the mountain of clothes (probably) wouldn’t even fit in these converted closets. Maybe she also owns a Manhattan Mini Storage or two somewhere out there. Must be nice.

[via Page Six]