The beautiful people at Capsule are about the launch their first ever shopping event where—rather than stand around and drink free beers while #menswear loiters and interferes with the people actually trying to conduct some honest business—you can (hopefully) drink free beers while contributing to said honest businesses directly from your own pocket! Basically, if you've ever wanted to be a part of the glorious Capsule clusterfuck, but had no reason to actually attend the trade show, now's your chance to feel like a real fashion industry insider (read: have all of your hopes and dreams destroyed just like you did to your parents). Hey! Cheer up because there's some good shopping to be had from brands like Mark McNairy, Arc'Teryx Veilance, Caputo & Co., Kitsune and more. And yo, it's at the same place Pop Up Flea was just at, so it will be like you never left. Capsule Market Square will run this weekend, December 14th and 15, at 82 Mercer Street, NYC.