Remember those rapper fail memes we showed you back in September? Well, a lot of websites also thought these were the decisive best thing since Internet porn, which has apparently lead to the brand introducing an expanded range of products just in time for the holiday season. Now included in the mix are the "Kanye Shrug" polo, the "Miley Twerking" polo and even the Scarlett Johansson "Tripping And Falling On Her Beautiful Face" polo, all of which will be perfect gifts for that special someone who spends wayyy too much time sending you funny links on G-Chat, and whom becomes enraged when you send them something they and obviously the rest of the world saw 3 hours earlier. But there's also now T-shirts, crewnecks and beanies to choose from, ensuring you'll have hilarious, post-modern Internet age jokey joke clothing for the entire group of people you really wish you didn't have to spend money on this time of the year.