This time of year comes with certain expectations. There will be lights, there will be Santas, and there will be endless loops of Christmas music playing in every store you walk into. One such staple of the holiday season is the nativity scene, and while each set appears to be personalized, they are all more or less variations of the same theme.

French artist Emilie Voirin stripped away all of the differences that make nativity sets unique until she reached the literal building blocks of the story. Her Minimal Nativity Set comes with simple wooden cutout pieces that are engraved with essential elements of the story of Jesus’ birth. The blocks are not meant to be a visualization of Jesus’ birth, but of the archetype of that story.

Reducing the nativity set down to its most basic components allows everyone to visualize the scene as they wish. Each person is free to imagine the story however he or she chooses, which is probably a very good thing. You know what they say—the devil’s in the details.

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[via Co.Design]