In this episode of Driven, a new series presented by Nissan showcasing the cities that have shaped today’s most creative people, we get a look at the Los Angeles of graphic artist Charlie Edmiston.

Edmiston says he started as an artist through the normal channels—playing with crayons and markers as a kid—but that as he grew up, eventually, “art really became everything.” In viewing Edmiston’s graffiti-inspired work, which uses striking colors and bold lines, you would never believe he was color blind. Perhaps it is his difficulty processing color that has freed Edmiston to explore as an artist, moving beyond painting to photography, fashion, and type design.

As with all personalities profiled in Driven, Charlie was given a Nissan Juke to inspire his artful drive along with $1,000 to spend in his hometown. While he loves the diversity and free spirit of L.A., Charlie chose to stay close to his true loves for his spending spree. He swung through his favorite skate shop, book store, and art supplier—all of which look well worth a visit.

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