Often times, fashion designers—especially of high fashion brands like Balmain and Chanel—seem so out of reach. But, as this hilarious Four-Pins pieces showcases, they're just like us. 

By that we mean they also take weird and blurry selfies, ask to take photographs with celebrities who may or may not be interested, and enjoy fast food meals that are (probably) terrible for our health. Doubt it? Check out the likes of En Noir's Rob Garcia, Olivier Rousteing of Balmain, and Umit Benan all doing these things via their social media platforms. (Rick Owens prefers to take photos of his dog and Marc Jacobs of unknown friends). 

Take some time right now to click through the images above (with accompanying captions) to find out what your favorite designers do when they aren't making clothes. It'll make you feel better about your feed.

[via Four-Pins]

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