Going beyond the normal Christmas display, design firm Brut Deluxe installed these incredible, immersive Christmas lights in the shopping district of Kurfürstendamm in Central Berlin. Featuring abstract twisting lines of pristine white bulbs, the German designers created three installations that will be on view until January 6.

“What all three installations have in common is that we want to achieve an atmospheric effect with them,” the company wrote. “Rather than typical decorations that represent Christmas through objects or symbols that are contemplated from the outside, we want to create a space that can be entered and experienced." 

It reflects the spiritual message of the holiday season, urging viewers to look to the inside of things rather than the edifice, reminding that the holidays don’t have to be all about gifts and gluttony and glitz. 

Check out this innovative little installation in the Miguel de Guzman-filmed video above. Featuring music composed by Erik Satie, and updated for a shimmery holiday vibe, it gives a taste of how warming these lights actually are.

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[via Dezeen]