Black Scale and Fingercroxx have teamed up for a small capsule collection that combines shadowy waves with America's pastime. The collection covers the entire athletic/off-field cozy gear spectrum, from sweatpants to varsity jackets. The two used a black and white palette with red highlights popping off among the various graphics and patches.

There are a few pieces available on the Black Scale site now, with more to come. Currently, a pair of sweatpants are going for $128, while a varsity fleece varisty is moving at $178 and a leather varsity is priced at $500. A v dark baseball jersey has already sold out, and when the hoodies, T-shirts, and snapbacks from this project drop, they're sure to get snatched up quick, too.

Black Scale is known for collaborating with brands that are tough to come by in the U.S., and teaming up with the Hong Kong-based Fingercroxx was welcome news to anyone who's been paying attention to the emerging Hong Kong and Taiwan streetwear scenes.

[via Black Scale]