In case you weren't able to get your hands on the first A.P.C. x Kanye West collaboration, you'll have another chance. Buried within a Business of Fashion profile on Jean Touitou, the founder of A.P.C., is confirmation that there will be a second collaborative endeavor between the French brand and Yeezy.

While describing how, despite its consistent and minimalist look, A.P.C. does in fact take numerous risks, Touitou told BoF, "You have to put your life in danger all the time. If I do a collection with Kanye West, obviously I’m taking risks." Business of Fashion then wrote "Touitou confirms that A.P.C. will collaborate with...Kanye West...again."

Touitou has hinted before that this collaboration might have more life than just the first round, which was so popular the hordes of customers crashed the U.S. website, and then massively overcharged for the gear online. It appears, then, that the troubles A.P.C. had with Kanye wanting to make last minute changes and perfect the "kingdom of dopeness" won't take precedent the fact that the project gave the brand visibility to a whole new audience who may not have been privy to Atelier de Production et de Création before.

Of course, this being a profile on Jean Touitou, the full article is chock full of outrageous quotes from the man, including that time he was "a revolutionary militant for a few years," and why his "little pleasure in life" is to be "able to keep being arrogant with bankers." 

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[via Business of Fashion]