British artist and designer Alex Chinneck’s latest project is an inverted building near Blackfriar’s Bridge in London. By rotating the façade 180 degrees, Chinneck creates a disorienting, thought weirdly soothing, spectacle. The project is called Miner on the Moon and outwardly adopts the features of a 1780’s livery stable, complete with an appropriated enamel sign featuring the name of an old company with roots in the area, W. H. Wilcox & Co. Ltd. The stable was once a location from which live cattle were transferred from the back yard to the Thames for trading purposes. The space where the cattle were herded through has been preserved as negative space in Chinneck’s public sculpture. The work plays with the evolving urban fabric of the city, creating surreal structure to make passersby pay attention to the history of the site.

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[via Designboom]